VonMatthias Püski

The dark side

Oil and acrylics on canvas (70x50cm)

VonMatthias Püski


This image is part of a diorama, I'm currently building. Coming soon.

VonMatthias Püski

A calm place

An old painting digitally refurbished.

VonMatthias Püski


This is my attempt with Unity Game Engine to build an Arkanoid Clone. Arkanoid is an breakout style Arcade Game from the 70s. Breakout was originally developed by Steve Wozniak, the Apple Co-Founder.

Some Screenshots:

There's a playable demo availabe for download here.

VonMatthias Püski

Faces II

Weitere Gesichter, analog gezeichnet und digital verabeitet mit Procreate und Photoshop. Dieses Mal hat sich ein Ölgemälde dazugesellt.